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The principle of the dignity and freedom of each human being is at the very heart of our policies. We begin from the inviolability of human dignity and place this at the core of our vision of self-determination and partisanship for the weakest. We can only live as part of nature if we practice self-restraint in order to preserve the natural necessities of life. Protecting nature and its life forms is also imperative for its own sake. Every human being is unique and deserves to receive equal recognition – today and tomorrow, here and elsewhere too. For this reason, Greens at the University of Magdeburg have a policy committed to the benchmark of equitability. Freedom and justice can only be realised in a vigorous democracy. Democracy is the basis, mode and expression of our political behaviour.

Our basic position reads: We combine ecology, self-determination, expanded equitability and a vibrant democracy. With the same intensity, we are committed to non-violence and human rights. It is the mutual interplay between these principles that indicates the perspective to the Greens at the University of Magdeburg vision.

//We also provide an English version of our 2010 Electoral Manifesto